“Writers. Tell me, Why do you write?”

“Writers. Tell me, Why do you write?”

I love to write. I like to read what I write sometimes. Other times, I wouldn’t dare read over what I wrote.

Sometimes it feels like I am speaking out – when pen is on paper – like I am confiding in one who will not tell. Maybe not? But in the end, I feel much better. I don’t have, neither do I find all the answers in writing today. Still I write, I write anyway.
So if it works for you, write. Write as many times as you can, to as many people as you choose, in the many ways you can. By any means, write…
.And in the many years to come, on that vellum old and gray…you’ll look at those characters, as alive as ever in those words you did write – the words you did write as many times as you could, to as many people as you did, in the many ways you could and in the many words you found to say.

– Wintony V. Sands

IMG_20150702_204406So i am not sure about writing experiences of others, but do tell me…why do you write?

What Surprises me About American Eating Habits #1

What Surprises me About American Eating Habits #1

Wintony V. Sands:

A West African’s prose on Eating Habits in America.

Originally posted on One African Storyteller:

What Surprises me About American Eating Habits #1

I didn’t grow up eating ‘Westernized foods’ in Nigeria or in Ghana. We woke up in the morning to Tom Brown porridge waiting for us on the dining table; some sugar and Peak brand Milk to taste. There was sugar bread or hot kose on the table for whoever wanted to eat some. I have a sister who actually breaks the bread into smaller pieces and throws them all into her porridge. She stirs her mixture into fair consistency and (o boy! wait for it…) she eats it! Other times we had akaamu with kose. (I miss kose!). Point is I grew up eating differently from most humans in this part of the world: North America. My experiences started a few years ago when I moved to Obodyibo.

We had a cookout at work a few weeks ago. A cookout is…

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Can I Please be Quiet?



I have always had many questions on my mind on who I am. It remained a continual conflict trying to reconcile who I believed I was with whom the world claimed I should become.

A few years ago, my Uncle John bought me a book by Susan Cain, QUIET: THE POWER OF INTROVERTS IN A WORLD THAT CAN’T STOP TALKING. I didn’t  finishPhotoGrid_1435971342402reading it but I was in a conversation with Gloria, a friend, today and something sparked within me.

I have had to deal with many people on the subject of silence. I never really had an explanation for why I was a “quiet person”. Let’s get a description of my quiet self: I prefer to sit in silence often, I usually don’t engage in chit chat unless for official business.

A lot of people I come into contact with (outside business matters) describe me as either weird, serious or inappropriate. There is misunderstanding as to why I am not as talkative as others.

But here’s my case, molded by Susan Cain’s book: even animals have certain species that carry shells. They live WITH their shells. They undergo the usual life processes and their shells do not stand in the way of their living.

So yes. I am quiet, rather introverted, but it is nothing ‘personal’ just a part of nature. Will write more on next posts…

Thanks for reading!