I love Me

I love the company of Me

I love to talk to Me

But i know for sure i do not want it to be left with Me

I do not want to be ALONE

Sometimes Me is happy

Sometimes Me is sad

Sometimes Me thinks too much

Other times I cannot figure Me out

…I still do like to spend time with Me

But lately i have been thinking

Thinking about Me and all the time i spend with Me

If it really is worth it

“I really love Me”, i thought

But i knew for sure i did not want it to be left with me

I did not want to be ALONE

Let me tell you about Me

I mean the little i know about Me

Yes, ‘little’ i said

After all the time i spend with me I still do not know me

Or even understand Me

But i know for sure i do not want to be left with Me

I do not want to be ALONE

So as i was saying…about Me

Me does not help me out

Me is part reasons i cry

Recently, i had a talk with Me

And I decided


I need SoMEone

I need You

I believe…Me needs You

Let’s figure out this walk together

We all do need each other

‘Cause I know for sure i do not want it to be left with Me

I do not want to be ALONE

Believe Me.


A visit to the WORLD OF ROCKS!

A visit to the WORLD OF ROCKS!


I am studying Applied Geology as well! Today I went by the Geology Museum in the area. I do not know too much about rocks but I saw some pretty cool rocks. And I thought to my self, “nature indeed is beautiful!”


Visit to the Geology Museum

I admire the rock patterns, and love that these rocks tell stories! Stories of how different environments were impacted in the past. By studying rock correlations (lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy and paleomagnetism),  we can figure out similarities that lead us to tell the story!

Check out this fun exercise: We can tell which geological events happened in an environment  just by looking at the layers in its rocks. So i drew the picture below so we could tell a story together!


What is a possible story of the environment in which the rock was found? 
What are the ages of the rock layers with respect to each other?
Layer 2, Layer 3, Layer 4, Layer 5, Layer 6, Layer 7 
and then there was Folding. Then a Fault formed between the rocks. 
And then there was erosion, then Layers 10, 11, and 12.

These exercises are just fun!

So…about rocks and me, there isn’t too much to say. I really like to see polished rocks and the stuff people make out of them. But Geology is much more than rocks…it is about the earth, it’s history…and much more.

I’m so tired already. Having a long week.


Hello Writing World! #2: my DOCUMENT ANALYSIS PAPER

Hello Writing World! #2: my DOCUMENT ANALYSIS PAPER

“…reading makes a man”


Hello Writing World!

…so my history class is going we…..weird. :-) I don’t know much about American History but i am more than willing to continue learning! I have a document analysis paper due on Monday, but (as almost every student, maybe,  finishes up assignments a few days to the due date…) i am starting NOW.

I had already chosen which document to analyze….but i found out that THAT document is actually the shortest document. And as i would expect, a lot of people are doing it. So i was thinking, i might just change it. This is it anyway:

Robert Yates, Brutus Essays I-II

The second one i am thinking about is:

Thomas Hutchinson, Speech of the Governor to the Two Houses (January 6, 1773) 

Right now, i am going to check out background history on these two men and find out whose history interests me more.

However i will be working with a checklist in order to make my paper rich enough :-)

“…it is worth doing well, whatever one decides to get done”
–  (+1) of  my teachers from years ago

So here is my check list

  •   Brief biography of the author
  •   Historical context of the document
  •   Document Analysis
  •   Synthesis of the document

I hope that covers it all. :-)

Feel free to suggest what you think. I KNOW there are definitely writers who would love to write on such subjects!

Have a good one people! Thanks for reading.