Hello Writing World!

Hello Writing World!
Hello Writing World
It has been long enough….
I am back to writing….i have a history paper to write and boy! I think i need some motivation.
But i would take it a step at a time. Just wanted to put some words on this blog today…i am excited to write again!
-Wintony Sands.
And i have to add…i am taking a history class this semester. It seems challenging because it is assumed i know American History. But i don’t, i have never taken an American history class, Well, i think blogging stuff i learn from my history class would help me understand it better. What do you think?
…i might just do that. So Writing World, I am back…and i hope i am back to stay. As the motto for my high school goes…’FACTA NON VERBA’!

A quote: Language


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
― Madiba Nelson Mandela

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My Education Journey 1: First Days in School

My Education Journey 1: First Days in School
"My childhood experiences actively shaped my education journey."

Teacher Mabel’s class

‘Teacher Mabel’ that is what everyone called her.

In some other cultures, she might have been referred to as ‘Miss Mabel’ or just ‘Mabel’. That was the first class a child attended when he or started school. I had always called it ‘baby class’…that was what i heard others call it. The class was also referred to as ‘reception one’ (*whatever that meant*). I honestly cannot recall the first day i set foot in school. But i am sure there was a lot of kicking, screaming, crying and finally a knock that kept me quiet:-).

I saw so many scared, crying children. Memories of those days have remained hazy throughout the years. However, i remember i would sit in school all day wondering what i was doing there. Then we would learn and sing songs, then learn the alphabets all day. Even as a kid, i would think to myself…”can’t these old people teach us anything new?” It was always….”say after me….A, B, C…” I believe this torture lasted about a year. What an arrogant kid, you would think! But no, Teacher Mabel would let me bully anyone. I was just a year old_maybe two.

A day in class i will not forget was when there Choja and i squabbled over something. I think it was a fight over who would sit by a certain girl called Esther. Choja was is Teacher Mabel’s son. So we argued since we all wanted to sit by Esther. So i gave him a slap! He ran to his mum to report me. She called me to her table, whatever it was she said i don’t remember, save the slap that landed on my cheek.

*I learned the concept of  bias* 

……to be continued…