Hello Writing World! #2: my DOCUMENT ANALYSIS PAPER

Hello Writing World! #2: my DOCUMENT ANALYSIS PAPER

“…reading makes a man”


Hello Writing World!

…so my history class is going we…..weird. :-) I don’t know much about American History but i am more than willing to continue learning! I have a document analysis paper due on Monday, but (as almost every student, maybe,  finishes up assignments a few days to the due date…) i am starting NOW.

I had already chosen which document to analyze….but i found out that THAT document is actually the shortest document. And as i would expect, a lot of people are doing it. So i was thinking, i might just change it. This is it anyway:

Robert Yates, Brutus Essays I-II

The second one i am thinking about is:

Thomas Hutchinson, Speech of the Governor to the Two Houses (January 6, 1773) 

Right now, i am going to check out background history on these two men and find out whose history interests me more.

However i will be working with a checklist in order to make my paper rich enough :-)

“…it is worth doing well, whatever one decides to get done”
-  (+1) of  my teachers from years ago

So here is my check list

  •   Brief biography of the author
  •   Historical context of the document
  •   Document Analysis
  •   Synthesis of the document

I hope that covers it all. :-)

Feel free to suggest what you think. I KNOW there are definitely writers who would love to write on such subjects!

Have a good one people! Thanks for reading.

Hello Writing World!

Hello Writing World!

Hello Writing World

It has been long enough….

I am back to writing….i have a history paper to write and boy! I think i need some motivation.

But i would take it a step at a time. Just wanted to put some words on this blog today…i am excited to write again!

-Wintony Sands.

And i have to add…i am taking a history class this semester. It seems challenging because it is assumed i know American History. But i don’t, i have never taken an American history class, Well, i think blogging stuff i learn from my history class would help me understand it better. What do you think?

…i might just do that. So Writing World, I am back…and i hope i am back to stay. As the motto for my high school goes…’FACTA NON VERBA’!


A quote: Language


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”
― Madiba Nelson Mandela

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